Don’t let Google penalize you for being slow on the mobile uptake

Brokers can differentiate themselves by serving up neighborhood information to mobile users

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The mobile call to action has reached maximum urgency for brokers. Google has officially said that it will begin penalizing websites in its mobile search rankings that are not friendly to the mobile user. (Get the details about it here and here.) What does this mean for real estate -- an industry still struggling to understand, let alone grapple with, decisions like native vs. Web, or responsive vs. adaptive? That still talks about “websites” without an awareness that what that means, exactly, has changed forever. It’s time to clear off the table and start making some bold moves. By now, we’ve all heard the phrase “mobile first” tossed around. Some of the largest tech successes of the last few years have taken this approach: Instagram and Square, for example. But it would be misguided at this point to think that every real estate company should stop what they’re doing and take a mobile-first approach to their digital presence. In my mind, it makes more sens...