Don’t lose sight of ‘high touch’ when building apps, websites

'Design beyond the screen' for a positive brand experience

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There’s no doubt mobile has had a significant impact on the real estate industry. Discussions such as native app versus Web app or responsive design versus adaptive design are valid and intriguing. And why not, emerging technologies are exciting to discuss and debate. The native app versus Web app debate has been covered pretty extensively. Most real estate pros understand the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. However, responsive Web design versus adaptive Web design is a slightly more obscure topic. To clarify, responsive design is fluid design that accommodates multiple screen sizes and devices by utilizing HTML and CSS media queries to deliver one, platform-agnostic design. Adaptive design is similar to responsive Web design. But unlike a responsive design, where changes occur on the client side (Web browser), changes in an adaptive Web design are facilitated on the Web server side. If you’re interested in learning more of the technical specifications,...