Google ups the ante with new products, updates

Takeaways for Realtors from Google's annual I/O conference

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Executives with search engine giant Google recently rolled out a plethora of product updates at the company's annual I/O conference in San Francisco. If you've got four hours to kill, check out the recorded keynote. If not, here’s the breakdown and what new products and updates mean for real estate pros. It’s been interesting to watch Google’s maturation process. Not only is their core product line more focused, the company’s keynotes are now more refined. Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president, opened the keynote by setting a tone reminiscent of Steve Jobs. With the unveiling of every new product, Gundotra emphasized the notion that technology should work behind the scenes and not hinder or frustrate the user -- it should just work. This premise, a common theme at every Apple event, is a refreshing new addition at I/O. Google’s ecosystem, at least in terms of development, is divided into two sections: Android and Chrome. Google kicked off I/O by announ...