Crowdfunding: a new way to raise capital and buy real estate [VIDEO]

How the JOBS Act will help foster real estate startups

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When fully implemented, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) will make it legal for companies to sell equity stakes to anyone over crowdfunding platforms. Raising capital from small investors on the Internet will help startups fund new ideas, and could also change the way we buy real estate. Companies like indiegogo, CrowdFunder and Realty Mogul are already inventing new platforms for investors to pool their resources to fund new companies, or even buy real estate. Jilliene Helman, founder and CEO, Realty Mogul; Brandon Jenkins, director of product development, Fundrise, Popularise; Lou Doctor, CEO, Crowd Supply; and Nav Athwal, founder, RealtyShares, discuss how crowdfunding will change real estate (17:23)....