Taking care of the buyer’s inspection is a questionable business practice

Broker Notebook

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Some agents think they are providing customer service when they choose an inspector and set up the buyer's inspection. The practice is so common that when I work with other agents, they ask me who my inspector is, or they tell me who theirs is. I don’t have an inspector. Real estate agents who take care of the buyer's inspection for their client are engaging in a questionable business practice. The point of a buyer's inspection is to have a qualified, unbiased third party look at the property and advise the buyers. I am not qualified to inspect a home. As the agent, I make money only if they buy the home, which creates a conflict of interest. Buyers don’t always know how to find a home inspector, or how to choose one. I have a list of inspectors that I can recommend, based on feedback I get from my clients and my own observations. But I believe that the inspection itself is between the buyer and his or her inspector, and that having a home inspection is part of th...