5 tips for career longevity in real estate

Surroundings, self-talk among keys to leading happier, healthier life

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Have you ever wondered what differentiates those who stay healthy and engaged well into their 80s or even their 90s as opposed to those who don't? If you want to have a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life, take a few hints from some people who have managed to do it. I recently had a conversation with fellow real estate coach Joeann Fossland about a session she will be doing for our Awesome Females in Real Estate group called "Being Beautiful at Any Age." As we were chatting about the session, she shared an interesting conversation that she had with one of her coaching clients. She was having some issues with her back and she flinched when she moved. Her client asked her, "Do you have arthritis?" After careful thought, Joeann responded by saying, "Having arthritis sounds like something is broken and that it can't be fixed. I prefer to think that there are some days when I have some pain and other days when I don't." She then shared another story about a speaker wh...