Miami Realtors get mobile, online business cards

SavvyCards help agents maintain contact with prospective clients, track referrals and showcase properties

Starting today, the 30,000 members of the largest local Realtor association in the U.S. will be able to create mobile-optimized online business cards for themselves and their properties. The Miami Association of Realtors (MIAMI) and Tampa, Fla.-based startup SavvyCard launched a mobile marketing program today they say will help users maintain contact with prospective clients, track referrals, and showcase properties. SavvyCard generates mobile-optimized mini-websites the company likens to online business cards that can be easily -- and virally -- shared between smartphones or other Web-enabled devices. SavvyCards include an agent's contact information and can be shared via email or text, whether or not the recipient is a SavvyCard user. SavvyCards are indexed by search engines and can be found through online searches, especially local ones, according to an announcement. Tampa Bay-based Realtor Randy Heffernan has been using SavvyCards to generate referrals for more than a y...