You’re not a furnace salesman, so why beat around the bush about what you charge?

Broker Notebook

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My old house needs some work. For items like windows, doors and furnaces, we can’t just go on the Internet and look up prices, or even get a ballpark estimate, because they involve installation. We have to talk to salespeople, because the companies that sell these products have decided to use that process and business model. Some of these salespeople insist on a giving a lengthy presentation. They will not allow an interruption. There is no such thing as an email, or an over-the-phone estimate. Each company wants face time, and they want to come into our home. One salesperson quoted us some obscene prices for a furnace, then chastised us for asking about the price before finding out what the service entails. The prices he started with included 10 years' worth of furnace tune-ups and were twice as high as what we ended up spending on a high-efficiency furnace. None of the contractors would give us any kind of a ballpark over the phone, just in-home estimates. They wo...