I can has viral marketing campaign?

Estately's rankings of best and worst states for cat lovers get noticed

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Combining the SEO juice of a "10 best places" list with the viral punch of cat photos, Estately says it's identified the 10 best and worst states for cat lovers by crunching numbers like longevity, percentage of households with cats, Facebook “likes” for cats, and the number of no-kill shelters. To its credit, the online real estate brokerage and referral site did not restrict the lists to the 23 states where it's licensed. Maine, for example, where Estately provides referrals to other brokers, ranks as "far and away the best state for cat lovers," based on factors including percentage of households who own cats (46.4 percent), Facebook "likes," and the strength of animal protection laws. Maine even has an official state cat, the Maine coon. Rounding out the "10 best"  list were: Vermont ("home to cat-themed a cappella groups like Cat’s Meow, Top Cats, and The Hit Paws"). New Hampshire ("Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire may just secede and become their own cat-fri...