Reports of the death of the business blog have been greatly exaggerated

Broker Notebook

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Business blogging is alive and well, contrary to occasional reports that it is dead or that it can never work. My business blog remains at the center of my online marketing strategy. After nearly nine years and 2,998 blog posts, I can tell you that it works as well today as it did in 2005 -- maybe even better -- as a way to attract business. Please don’t read this and run out and start a blog and plan on getting rich. It definitely isn’t for everyone. Even though it can lead to a nice income, it is only one step in a process that involves meeting people, selling real estate and a lot of hard work. Real estate practitioners who do not like to write should not consider starting a blog. It isn’t going to write itself, and it isn’t very effective without frequent updates that go beyond market statistics and marketing listings that are already being marketed on many websites. Blogging is a journey. Writing it forces us to think about the real estate market, our clients a...