Want to work with fun, engaging clients? Be fun and engaging

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Would you like to attract more clients by having more fun in your business? Whether it’s partying, exercising or just doing something silly, a number of speakers at the recent Agent Reboot conference in New York City shared how they are attracting clients by having fun in their businesses. According to the law of attraction, “We attract who we are.” If you want to work with fun, engaging clients, you need to be fun and engaging. It also means getting rid of the sourpuss, unfun clients who zap your time and energy. Here are some of the best ideas from Agent Reboot to help you get started. 1. Every broker needs a bell Katie Maxwell shared some of her secrets for creating her top-producing office. Every time a transaction closes or there is some other reason to celebrate in her office, Maxwell rings her bell. Her approach to celebrating the everyday wins keeps her office energized and excited. To apply this approach in your business, acknowledge your personal business wins...