WellcomeMat launches new tool to pull high-definition photos from property tour videos

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I caught up with Christian Sterner, the co-founder of WellcomeMat, to get his thoughts on automated video, drones and his platform's new high-definition photo tool. The following is my Q-and-A with Sterner: Tom Flanagan: You unveiled the new version of WellcomeMat last year, which was a significant platform upgrade. Now that the dust has settled and the migration is complete, what did you learn from the experience and what does the future hold for the platform? Christian Sterner Christian Sterner: Honestly, no matter how prepared you are for a slow process, rebuilding an airplane full of people, in mid-flight, is going to be rough. Now that we are here, with zero technical debt, I can say that we anticipate the largest growth period real estate video and our company has ever seen. The tech enablement, platform side of our business has been a great and profitable way for us to reach base camp. Video has the potential to be the largest revenue opportunity that exists in o...