Are you ready for the next Heartbleed bug?

3 apps to safeguard your passwords on the Web

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The recent of announcement of the Heartbleed bug caused mass confusion and panic across the Web. Although there are still some websites that are vulnerable to the exploit, the majority of the Web’s most popular sites have been patched. Encryption and computer security can be complicated stuff, and there are experts in the field who can discuss the topic more intelligently than me. However, now that the dust has settled and the servers that power the Web are on the mend, let’s take a look at the Heartbleed bug and break it down into a palatable manner. The Heartbleed bug is a flaw in the OpenSSL cryptographic software that allows the bad guys to steal information such as passwords that are typically protected on servers. The vulnerability has existed since 2012 and does not affect individual computers. Security experts have estimated that as many as half a million websites were utilizing OpenSSL. It’s a scary situation because the ordinary consumer is defenseless. The pat...