Having a comfort zone is a terribly expensive luxury I am better off without

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It seems like I have been a real estate agent my entire life. It's actually my third career. I fell into my first career by taking the first job that paid a living wage and benefits during a recession. I leveraged that job into a second career that was more rewarding and lucrative, but personally limiting. Some of the things that attracted me to being a real estate agent included the freedom to make decisions and the lack of artificial income limits. There is no glass ceiling for agents, and I don’t have to go to work everyday and have people tell me what I can and cannot do. Many of the things that I learned in my past careers have helped me in my latest. We all have self-limiting ideas and beliefs that hold us back if we let them. Fear is probably the biggest barrier to success in real estate. Here are some lessons I have learned during my 12 years: Paying my own health insurance is actually less frightening than the alternatives of having no health insurance,...