Trulia sourcing listings directly from more than 12,000 brokerages

Bypassing third parties, portal getting more listings directly from brokerages, MLSs

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Trulia says it's now getting listings from more than 12,000 brokerages across the U.S. either directly or through agreements with multiple listing services that allow listings to be refreshed as frequently as every eight minutes. The San Francisco-based portal gets direct feeds from more than 80 MLSs, including two of the largest in the country, Arizona Regional MLS and My Florida Regional MLS. Most of those feeds require brokers to "opt in" to send their listings to Trulia. Trulia also gets feeds directly from brokers under its 2-year-old Trulia Broker Program. In that program, brokerages negotiate their own license agreements with the portal. Currently, more than 3,000 brokerages are participating in the Trulia Broker Program, Trulia spokesman Matt Flegal told Inman News. Trulia and Zillow have been working to reduce their reliance on third-party listing syndicators like ListHub and Point2 to increase the accuracy and freshness of listings on the sites., wh...