If you want international buyers, you’ll need a long-term strategy

Time, effort and money required to succeed should also provide better returns

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Online real estate marketing empowers the buyer in so many ways, when compared to print. As someone who has published both print and online real estate media, I can confidently say that print does have a place, but it's no longer first place. These advantages increase exponentially when you consider international buyers. I have helped agents on six continents succeed with international buyers. Let's talk about the most efficient ways to obtain more leads and sales from this group. If you just want to boost this month's results, you can stop reading right now. You don't target a new buyer group as a short-term tactic. Targeting international buyers is a strategic decision. Like all good investments, it costs something. You have to put in a grubstake of a certain amount of time, effort and money. But, also like all good investments, it can provide returns far larger than other opportunities. International buyers spend 60 percent more than the overall market average, accord...