Honor Beverly Carter’s memory and take care of yourselves

Commentary: We have all gone out to meet a stranger with a bright smile on our faces and the hopes of earning a commission

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Like many of my Realtor family, I can’t shake the uneasy feeling I’ve had ever since Beverly Carter went missing last week. Now we know where she is, and the police have a suspect in custody, and we are all left with a hole. Now, I’m not even remotely comparing the feeling of losing a Realtor friend to the loss her family is facing. This hole is a little different. Because we have ALL done exactly what Beverly did. We got a call from a cash buyer, looking at a home in a good price point, who wants to go see it after work. We perhaps let someone know where we were going (although, if we’re honest, many times we haven’t), we went out with a bright smile on our faces and the hope of a commission on our minds. However, we were the lucky ones. We didn’t field the call from someone with a different agenda than that of purchasing a home. We came home to our loved ones and sometimes the sale happened, sometimes it didn’t, and we woke up to continue working the next day. ...