Harnessing the winds of change

Commentary: Calls for reform are coming from inside and outside the industry

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By BILL WENDEL The winds of change are blowing again, and calls for change are coming from inside and outside the industry. Have you seen the article this week in Entrepreneur Magazine, "Who will step up and disrupt the real estate industry”? Bill Wendel Like another article published on Gawker in March, "Could someone disrupt real estate, please?" it’s creating a lot of buzz. The recent REBarCamp in Boston spawned a Facebook group, Real Estate is Broken. Compare this hard-hitting, insider’s expose of 25 ways real estate is broken to softball questions directed at talking heads during industry conventions, or not addressed at all. There was a time when consumer advocates and technology innovators intent on changing the real estate industry gathered at Real Estate Connect conferences in New York and San Francisco. Brad Inman’s post last April, "Real estate disruption may not be what you think it is," reveals the growing disconnect with the most disruptive...