6 principles of persuasion every real estate agent should master

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By ANDREW GALE Dr. Robert B. Cialdini wrote a book called “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” It’s one of the most respected books on the subject and used by marketers all around the world. Reciprocity The theory of reciprocity is that as humans we naturally want to return any favors given and pay back when we owe. Another way to look at it is treating people as they’ve treated you. Some ways we can apply this to real estate: Sending a handwritten thank you/birthday card Mentioning local businesses on your blog Featuring local businesses on your website Giving your best clients gifts ( is awesome for this) Taking your favorite clients out to dinner Using these tactics will not only make your clients more happy on average, but the theory of reciprocity states that this rule can spur unequal changes. People may agree to perform a substantially larger favor (e.g., giving you a referral) in return for your initial small favor (taking them o...