Free property report tool built with old-timers in mind

ListReports lets you text an address to a number for a property report and flier

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Janet Selvaggio has struggled to master some of the tech tools designed for real estate agents. But that wasn’t the case with ListReports, a new property reports service that the 63-year-old recently adopted. “I’m still having problems figuring out how to do my new Facebook page,” said Selvaggio, an agent at Yucaipa, California-based Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters. “But with ListReports I haven’t needed any help … It would be nice if all our programs were geared that way.” In an industry with more than its fair share of baby boomers, ListReports represents a tech tool that even the oldest of the old guard may be able to quickly get a handle on. All you have to do is text "sub" to 949-247-8559 to sign up. After that, anytime you text an address to the same number -- poof! -- the service returns a link to a free property report and customizable flier in seconds. "It's like a magic trick," said ListReports CEO Ajay Shah, describing reactions from gray ...