Special report: The bottom line on online leads

Inman survey highlights ROI and overall impact of Internet leads in real estate
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Online leads often deliver a poor return on investment for real estate agents, but they can also work wonders for agents who take a disciplined approach to harvesting and nurturing them, according to a recent Inman survey that explores the payoff of online leads. Agents frequently find little value in leads that they purchase or acquire organically from sources including real estate websites, social networks and "big data” lead generators, and report that online leads generally account for just a small fraction of their business, the survey found (click to download PDF version of report). But there are glaring exceptions to this rule. Some respondents revealed that they have built their businesses on the back of online leads. No doubt that’s largely because these agents have learned how to engage online leads better than many of their peers. But agents powering their businesses through online marketing channels may also be making better decisions about where they get th...