What real estate brokers and agents want from lenders [Special Report]

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The real estate and mortgage industries need each other more than ever. Lenders riding the remains of the refi wave need a purchase strategy. Real estate brokerages strained by shrinking margins need new profit centers. But complications abound. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is bearing down on both lenders and real estate brokers and agents. Major RESPA-TILA changes are looming. A major bank has exited real estate partnerships altogether. “Compliance” -- perhaps the most unexciting buzzword in the history of business -- is the mantra of the day. And yet ... the old synergies remain. This study seeks to cast light upon them, to guide lenders seeking a gateway to the real estate industry with fresh insights. What do real estate brokers and agents really want from a lending partner? What marketing works (and does not work) in earning their referrals? What partnership structures (AfBA, MSA, etc.) are most desired? Will regulatory changes have a chilling ...