How will nationwide marriage equality ruling affect real estate?

Mortgages, divorce, home sales and more will likely be impacted

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The Supreme Court ruled today that the Constitution guarantees the right to same-sex marriage. Thirteen states in the U.S. had banned same-sex marriage, and the court ruled that these bans are unconstitutional. Those states are: Arkansas Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Mississippi Missouri Nebraska North Dakota Ohio South Dakota Tennessee Texas So what does this mean for real estate sales? Well, the short answer is nobody knows yet. But here are some areas where real estate and home sales might be impacted by this momentous ruling: Publisher Brad Inman posed the question in the Inman Coast-to-Coast Facebook group, saying: "My take: When discrimination of a class of people is lifted, that group goes mainstream and more of them become homeowners. Stretch? Other connections?" First: The mortgage process will likely be affected, particularly in states where marriage equality has previously been banned. Marriage could mean greater financ...