Stephen Schweickart on the risks and rewards of pioneering new ideas

Working in tech means you may lose some money here and there, but VScreen founder thinks it's worth it to lead the pack

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Stephen Schweickart is the founder and CEO of VScreen and an Inman contributor. What are your top three apps on your phone? 1. I live and die by Google Calendar. It runs my life and keeps me incredibly organized, as well as efficient with my time. 2. I love to read the local news via my IndyStar app. This really helps me keep plugged into my local community (Indianapolis), especially since I'm on the road 60 percent of the time. 3. Uber. I think this is the biggest game changer ever, and I use it at least five times per week. What is your favorite technology, one you actually get joy out of using? I just bought a TreadDesk, which enables me to walk 7 miles a day as I simultaneously work and type emails. I never have time to exercise, but now I burn 1,250 calories a day while working. I have less stress, am losing weight and sleep like a baby at night. Everyone needs to buy one. We simply weren't designed to sit eight hours a day and stare at a computer screen. ...