Agents should channel Zen gardeners to succeed with online leads

The typical online lead that transacts within 2 years of connecting with a brokerage online takes more than a year to buy or sell
  • Agents have the potential to vastly boost the share of online leads that they convert into clients, according to studies that uncovered rates at which online leads transact.
  • Online leads who transact don't end up buying or selling until more than a year after connecting with brokerages online, the studies found.
  • Agents need to be patient and attentive with online leads to turn them into clients.

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Real estate agents can turn a much higher share of online leads into clients than is commonly thought -- but only if they nurture those leads for a long, long time, waiting with Buddha-like patience for them to blossom into buyers and sellers. Contact-to-close can take a year "Brokers and agents should take into account the fact that the average time from initial contact to close is well over a year," said real estate marketing platform provider Boston Logic in a new report on online leads. "Follow-ups should be planned accordingly to this time frame so that they are making contact not only right upon registration, but for many months after as well." Nearly half of online leads recently bought or sold a home within two years of registering on websites powered by Boston Logic, according to the real estate software provider. Boston Logic also found that another 20 percent of leads surveyed said they still planned to transact, even though they hadn't yet. The takeaway? ...