Chris Speicher: ‘We get the most results from Facebook advertising, without question’

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Age: 42 Years in real estate: Five Job title: Co-founder and Realtor at The Speicher Group Location: Olney, Maryland Hours per week spent on social media: 20 Social media accounts: Personal Facebook, Speicher Group Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, LinkedIn for work, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and a blog Target demographic: Homebuyers and sellers in the Greater Washington, D.C., market Average number of posts per day: Two to four Which social channels do you work the most? Right now, Facebook and Twitter. I'm getting more into Instagram, too. How many friends, likes, etc., do you have? On Facebook, I have more than 2,200 friends and more than 1,500 followers. Does that number matter to you? No. Do you ever give it a break? Yes. Downtime is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Does social help your business, how? Yes. From a business-to-business perspective, it allows us to stay on the cutting edge of te...