New rental map could aid agents

Submarkets exist in Los Angeles where it is cheaper to buy versus rent
  • Overall buying remains a better option than renting in Los Angeles
  • Searchable map can allow single-family investors to better target high rent markets
  • Rising rents in Los Angeles are pushing individuals to tertiary submarkets

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While developed for Los Angeles renters seeking apartments based on their budget, RentPath's recently launched Neighborhood Finder could be just as beneficial to real estate agents. The searchable interactive map allows users to search for apartments under the general criteria of price range and number of bedrooms. Once criteria is selected, real-time results fill in the map for each L.A. submarket. Results are posted in three shades of blue, each indicating the odds that renter has of finding an apartment they can afford in various locales. According to Blake Pierson, chief product officer at RentPath, rising rents in Los Angeles are forcing a large number of prospective renters to move out of the urban core and into more tertiary submarkets. This is where the searchable map can benefit agents. In a number of these tertiary markets it may make sense for some renters to buy versus lease, as a monthly mortgage payment may be less than monthly rent. By using the map, ...