How lead generation could be destroying your search engine rankings

Adding value is more helpful to your SERP
  • I know lead generation is the soul of any digital marketer. But that same technique is what is ruining your search engine rankings.
  • The main reason real estate agents find it difficult to break even on search engine result pages is that they focus on lead generation with a forced registration.
  • Using user intent and behavior to offer lead bait with an option to decline signing up is the only way search marketers can generate real estate leads without destroying their search engine rankings.

Have you ever wondered why all the organic listings related to your market are occupied by Zillow, and other big businesses, without any agent websites showing up on the first page? A lot of agents have asked me that question, and the general perception is that striving for organic placement on search engine result pages (SERP) is a fruitless exercise for Realtors and agents.