StreetEasy's Neighborhood Experts ad program announced for NYC

"Streeteasy Experts" rolling out in 300 neighborhoods across New York's five boroughs
  • The StreetEasy Neighborhood program will allow eligible agents to buy advertising on building pages that are located within their area of expertise.
  • It will officially roll out in early December and will be available for 300 neighborhoods across all five boroughs.
  • To qualify for the program, real estate agents participating in the program must have at least two buy or sell-side transactions in the last three years in the neighborhood.

In New York City, locals take great pride in their neighborhood and all it has to offer. For newcomers who want a slice of urban living, it can be challenging to navigate the real estate scene without good local advisers. With this in mind, StreetEasy is introducing Neighborhood Experts, a new advertising program for real estate agents operating in 300 neighborhoods across New York’s five boroughs.