How to be a baby boomer in a millennial world

  • The Internet changed our consumer focus in a big way, and the tide grew stronger when services such as MySpace, YouTube and Facebook came a long.
  • We see millennials as those who created tech-driven business, but we forgot to learn the language and understand the culture.
  • Baby boomers need to change their push marketing practices and adjust to the millennial way of life.

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We're living in a shift. An enormous transition phase that few are recognizing the magnitude of. On one hand, we have the baby boomer generation that has performed the heavy lifting over the past several decades and paved the way for most of our industrial movements since the 1950s. Fast forward to 2015, and now we have the byproduct of the biggest population group in history yielding an even bigger pool of individuals who are finally shaping up to be strapping young men and women with a voice that's beginning to develop. Naturally, this is causing dissonance. Since when does the seasoned executive cater to the taste of the young entry level employee? Well -- now. In 2013, the millennial population exceeded the baby boomer headcount. This tipping point will only continue to grow and become more and more impactful as the years progress. Think about it. Growing up millennial There is an enormous amount of strength in numbers. What happens when 52 million individuals do som...