Jay's Stories

Being in an industry where the vast majority of professionals flounder for months if not years, it can often be discouraging for new agents to persevere and maintain the vision required to move forward.

Feb 1

We’re living in a shift. An enormous transition phase that few are recognizing the magnitude of. On one hand, we have the baby boomer generation that has performed the heavy lifting over the past several decades and paved the way for most of our industrial movements since the 1950s. Fast forward to 2015, and now we have the byproduct of the biggest population group in history yielding an even bigger pool of individuals who are finally shaping up to be strapping young men and women with a voice that’s beginning to develop.

Dec 4

If the above rings true, perhaps you need to learn how to provide value to clients who want to purchase brand new homes — because you aren’t worth the money you are being paid, even if you did split the commission.

Oct 15

All I can say is that any commercial fisherman that uses option the first option is probably out of business. Granted you can definitely get lucky once in a while with that option, but why spend all that time and energy when the results cannot be scientifically duplicated? Open houses are similar. They are becoming more ineffective, outdated and eventually, will become extinct.

Oct 9

With the increasingly high level of real estate agents that are competing for clients by offering deep discounts and rebates, how do you plan to demonstrate your value up front to capture the missing business?

Oct 2

If we met at a party and the first words out of your mouth were, “I have a listing, check it out,” I would think you have issues, and I’d try to find a companion who would at least offer me wine before boring me all night.

Sep 4

I can only think of one industry that yields the potential to earn the same salary as a neurosurgeon with the education of a high school graduate. This is partly why real estate can be such an attractive profession for those who are more focused on the money rather than the cause.

Aug 21