Get to know Brett Hagler of New Story Charity

Today, December 7, at 3 p.m. PT/6 p.m. ET, we’re hosting a Facebook Chat with Brett Hagler of New Story Charity.

Faithful Inman readers and Connect attendees may remember Hagler from our Luxury Connect conference in Beverly Hills this past October. Hagler’s mission captured the hearts of our attendees, and we raised $18,000 to help build homes for Haitian families.

For one hour, you may ask Hagler questions about anything — from how he started his charity to his passion for Crossfit. Just add your question to this post, and come back to the Inman News Facebook page to see Hagler’s answers. In the meantime, check out Hagler’s social media pages along with some past articles we’ve done about New Story Charity.

Hagler’s social media pages:

Stories we’ve done about New Story Charity: