Target and market with SmartZip’s powerful new app update

  • Big data is changing every industry out there, and SmartZip is aiming to do it in real estate.

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. SmartZip's SmartTargeting combines a fully-functional prospect management app with predictive lead generation and marketing outreach. Platform(s): Browser-agnostic; iOS, Android Ideal for: Larger offices and teams looking for a fully integrated marketing and sales system. Top selling points Automated marketing after lead identification App integration with existing predictive analytics tech Very little manual management of prospect data Things to consider This is big software that requires full buy-in to provide the most benefit. It's not at all complex, but it is an every-day-login type platform with an array of features intended to streamline sales and marketing. Full review Fans of SmartZip's much heralded predictive prospecting capabilities won't need much convincing as to the value provided by its latest add-on. Big data is a big term encompass...