Brokers fired after posing in sexy calendar

What happens when a lighthearted photo shoot goes too far
  • Four real estate brokers were fired from Coldwell Banker for their participation in a community calendar shoot in Glastonbury, Connecticut.
  • The controversy surrounds the involvement of a young boy in the calendar cover photo who stood nearly undressed holding a "Sold" sign.
  • The lesson for real estate agents may be the classic tale of "better safe than sorry" when it comes to public presentation.

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There are some things in life that are categorically never a good idea. Hitting "reply all" before you've had time to cool off. Having too much to drink at a work party. Loading up your plate with garlic on a first date. And as (former) Coldwell Banker real estate brokers in Connecticut learned the hard way -- including a nearly unclothed small boy on the cover of a 2016 community calendar titled "Men of Glastonbury Chamber." Of course, selling calendars featuring shirtless (fully adult) dudes is nothing new and, in the eyes of the vast majority, also a fun and harmless endeavor. Take this article on "the most stunning 2016 calendar you've ever seen" filled with risqué photos of French firemen, which racked up more than 3 million likes. Many serve as fundraisers for a good cause, and the Glastonbury offering (a tradition that began in 2013) raises money for the local chamber. "If the kid hadn't been in the pic, it wouldn't have raised any eyebrows," said Rhonda Limper...