Bob Glaser on what’s next in 2016

A company celebrating 47 years is harnessing an international market, staying relevant amid technological advances

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Inman is interviewing industry thought leaders to find out what’s next in 2016. Here's Bob Glaser, broker of record at Smith & Associates Real Estate. Want to weigh in on what’s next? Take our survey. Are you optimistic about 2016? The economy? Why? We are optimistic about our Tampa Bay area market as employment continues to expand in the medical- and research-related fields. Some small corporations that are moving headquarters will make an impact. The overall affordability of Tampa Bay compared to other Florida cities makes the bay area a choice spot for second home purchase including the international influx that we predict based on many new direct international plane routes at the Tampa International Airport. The housing market? Why? Overall, I expect our market to continue to provide opportunities for expansion, as some new construction residential buildings that we represent will become even better positioned for selling. Your success? Why? V...