How to develop a marketing program for agents

Market the assets, not yourself
  • Be ready with a marketing plan for your sellers.
  • Video will sell your listing -- globally.
  • Call other agents in your area, and let them know you have something their buyers might like.

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Marketing is essential to your real estate business and how you differentiate from other agents. To succeed, you have to make a difference now with your buyers and sellers. The first step is to create a marketing program. When I do listing presentations, I always present a marketing program or plan. How are we going to market this house? It's not about marketing "me." I gain from that, but it's about marketing my product, the listing. Real estate agents are skilled at farming and marketing themselves. But now that you have that listing, how are you going to market it? You have a product to sell. And that product is a house. It's similar to a shoe store. The ads for the shoe store are not about the sales guy behind the counter or the helper in the aisle. The ads are about the shoes. You might have the store logo on the ad and maybe a picture of a sales person, but people return to the store for the experience. If you are working in the luxury market, and your millio...