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May 25
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Mar 2
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Jan 19
An interview with an agent in the field
Jan 11

From this point forward, I will be encouraging my buyers to honor their audience before telling their story. This will enhance the emotional connection and possibly win the bid.

Jun 22

I need your professional opinion. I found myself in my monthly networking meeting. One business owner raised an interesting insight about his marketing plan, and I thought about how it might help me in real estate.

Jan 25

The first step in figuring out when it’s the best time to market your services is to determine when and why the spikes of peak selling times in your area occur. Peak time marketing works when your sales increase at a certain time of year. Studying your market in your MLS can help you determine sales projections.

Jan 22

I know that it seems weird that I’m a real estate agent, and I’m suggesting a trade show — but hear me out on this. Of course, if you know me, you already know that I do not do traditional marketing, and therefore, I am not going to do a trade show the traditional way.

Jan 20