Michael Wurzer on what’s next in tech for 2016

The creator of the flexmls Web system talks trends

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Inman is interviewing industry thought leaders to find out what’s next in 2016. Here’s Michael Wurzer, president and CEO of FBS.  What are your technology predictions for 2016? 2016 will see continued competition for API adoption with many companies vying to become the AWS for real estate with a set of APIs that power the transaction from beginning (pre-marketing) to end (closing). These API wars won’t be won in 2016 but the many competing options will show the need for cooperation on industry standards through organizations like RESO. What big tech trends are you watching? API adoption Mobile applications Transaction, forms and document management systems What is more important: mobile or the cloud? Mobile is more important to the agent in the field but the cloud (APIs) presents more potential for a significant long-term paradigm shift for the industry. Will the tech bubble burst? We’ll see microbursts for overvalued companies as agent sales...