2015’s best in real estate tech

This year we witnessed some unique innovations. Is your favorite here?
  • Here's the best in contact relationship management, website design, personal productivity, email marketing, transaction management, marketing and office management.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. I'm going to call it: 2015 is over. Well, it's far enough along for a "Best of" column, anyway. It's been fun hearing reactions from readers since we started this Select offering in March. I have to remind readers that this is an opinion column; some products I review positively, you may consider lumps of coal. And it goes the other way, too. I'm happy to be of assistance and even happy to hear when I'm not -- because at least something I wrote ignited a reaction. That's all a columnist can ask for. Anyway, I hope your 2015 was all you planned it to be and that 2016 will be double that. So top off your eggnog, put on your couch pants, and unwrap my 2015 Best in Real Estate Tech. Contact relationship management (CRM) GoConnect is my favorite offering in this category. Its developers eschewed the traditional spreadsheet-based, ram-gluttonous ente...