Low income housing access low around DC Metro stops

Affordable housing scarce closest to Metro stops
  • Young, white, six-figure earners are scooping up housing within a half-mile of Metro stops.
  • A Census Bureau study shows that the imbalance is making housing near public transportation inaccessible for some groups.
  • Moving closer to a Metro stop does not result in enough savings to offset high housing costs for the less well-off.

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According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, young, white, highly educated workers cluster in high numbers around Metro subway stops, which drives up the cost of homes on that prime real estate. The result is a lack of affordable housing near the rail stops, and price hikes on land that makes building more housing that’s within reach of lower income people nearly impossible without intervention. Access to public transportation is not merely convenient for people who live and work in high-density areas, but it is a lifeline for those who don’t make much money. Long commutes to low-paying jobs mean another big expense on a constrained budget. And, the report indicates that living close in to save transit costs won’t help: The two don’t balance each other out. Fifty-six percent of whites who live in the District of Columbia are within a half-mile of a Metro stop. Half a mile is the established criteria to determine whether the rail stop is accessible. [graphiq id...