Podcast: Your New Year's lead-generation plan (part 2)

Thoughtful and community-focused ways to stay in touch with your center of influence
  • Even your closest professional relationships require careful maintenance.

As an agent, you know that your center of influence (COI) — that collection of friends, family members and acquaintances you rely on for deals because you’ve established a strong relationship with them — is the backbone of your real estate transactions.

Those relationships need maintenance, though. To stay top-of-mind, remind your COI that you’re the agent of choice for their real estate transactions, and relay this message in a unique, classy way that stands out from your local competitors.

If you missed part one, today we’re continuing our discussion of a 12-month plan for lead generation that helps you stay top-of-mind with your existing contacts while generating a wealth of new ones.

We’re providing you with elegant, thoughtful, community-focused ways to do this that are guaranteed to keep you as the first-choice agent for the people in your network.


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