ThinkHome helps buyers uncover listings they might have overlooked

ThinkHome prompts buyers to search based on preferred net housing costs (not property price), commute times and school quality
  • ThinkHome can help buyers discover properties that meet their search criteria in towns they might not have known about or thought to search in.
  • Search tool prompts buyers to search based on preferred commute time, school quality and housing and commute costs, not just property price.
  • Startup joins growing ranks of lifestyle-based search services and a smaller group that is scoring properties.

You’ve shortlisted a handful of properties in Montclair and Bloomfield, New Jersey, the towns where you want to live. They’re near decent schools, no more than 30 minutes away from work, and they fall within your price range. But what you don’t realize is that there are dozens more listings that meet your commute, school and budget requirements.