Podcast: How to make the right choices for unlimited real estate success

Over time, a "why bother" attitude will create permanent stagnation
  • Pessimism is giving yourself an excuse to be lazy.

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Success doesn’t just “happen” — it’s not a specific event that agents can point to and say, “Yes, that’s when I became successful.”

It sneaks up on you as the accumulation of thousands of small choices that you make every single day.

Here’s the problem: because all of these small choices add up to big results, if you’re not making the right ones, you could be in trouble. It’s easy to lapse into patterns of lazy, short-term thinking that lead to less-than-stellar results.

Today we’re discussing how to be mindful of the choices you make and how your decisions affect your real estate success over time. We’ll also be discussing a Native American parable illustrating the idea that what you put your energies toward determines your results.


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