Zillow connects Premier Agents with Chinese homebuyers

Zillow Group gives Premier Agents more routes to connect with Chinese homebuyers but agents must have the language skills
  • Zillow confirmed two initiatives this week designed to connect Chinese homebuyers with its Premier Agents.
  • China-based buyers can now connect with Zillow Premier agents in the United States through two different portals – WeChat and NetEase.
  • Zillow Group has created a dedicated customer service team with Mandarin language skills and a network of Mandarin-speaking Premier Agents in the U.S.

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Zillow has announced two more steps this week that it hopes will facilitate relationships between Chinese homebuyers and Zillow Premier Agents. Greg Schwartz, Chief Business Office, Zillow Group China-based buyers can now connect with Zillow Premier Agents in the U.S. through two portals; WeChat, the largest and most popular mobile messenger app in China, and NetEase, a China-based Internet technology company. Greg Schwartz, Zillow Group chief business officer, said: “These new partnerships will help us better serve these home shoppers and drive more business to those Premier Agent partners who have the language skills to navigate these transactions." WeChat channel, NetEase and customer service Through the WeChat channel, homebuyers will have access to content and market information translated into Mandarin. They will also be able to connect directly with Mandarin-speaking Zillow Premier Agents. The Zillow channel is available on WeChat at: zillow_china. Zillow ...