How a top top producer thinks and acts

Dolly Lenz on her exceptional customer service and more
  • Tell people who you really are, “don’t exaggerate or misrepresent your experience.”
  • We must balance transparency and privacy, but in the end we must always consider our “fiduciary duty to our clients.”
  • Not a fan of pocket listings: “We encourage our sellers to list their property officially because it helps us set the market price.”
  • Market cooler this year, “but there are transactions. The worst scenario is no transactions -- that is not at all where we are today.”

Dolly Lenz is one of the very best top-producing agents in the world. Known for being canny, tough and super bright, she is obsessively client-focused, which accounts for her success. Her biggest prize a $212 million sale on Park Avenue in Manhattan, and her network is the envy of the industry.