How SavvyCard delivers quality mobile marketing without an app

A tool that rolls out fast and offers high-caliber listing websites
  • All agents need to find a way to reach mobile home shoppers and sellers. Stop thinking your customers don't fit the profile.

Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. SavvyCard is a mobile marketing solution for real estate agents offering smartphone-ready listing websites. Platform(s): iOS, Android, browser-agnostic Ideal for: Any brokerage, team or agent without a responsive website or mobile marketing strategy Top selling points Listing pages present cleanly and are easy to navigate SavvyCard sites are easy to publish and share One-click calling, texting or email Things to consider The sites function very well and can be effective communication drivers but are somewhat visually dated. If you already have a responsive website, you may not need SavvyCard. Full review I was initially skeptical of this product because its pitchman sent me an email with an enormous, inbox-invading signature graphic -- that had a QR code in it. QR codes are as popular as white Velcro Reeboks and it's bad enough agents today equat...