New hyperlocal home search portal gears up for launch

New home search portal seeks to take the pain away from maintaining individual agent websites
  • Naberly, the new West Coast property search portal is campaigning at ICNY for broker partners.
  • The portal which is starting in the Washington, Oregon and California markets, is offering a more sophisticated home search for consumers.
  • Naberly seeks to give selected agents a branded profile on the portal and wide-ranging contact management and marketing support for $299 a month.

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A new home search portal, Naberly, is targeting real estate agents who are frustrated with the effort of driving traffic to their own websites. Launching in Washington, Oregon and California initially -- but marketed as a national portal -- it has been designed to appeal to millennial consumers, who want instant alerts when a property is listed and immediate access to their agent. The site also asks more in-depth questions from buyers on their searches for a better house hunting experience. Business partner Musong Kim describes it as an "agent -centric public portal." Naberly has already secured some partner agents in Washington, Oregon and California -- and will then expand to New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania by the end of the first quarter this year. It's founded on a cooperative idea to grow real estate relationships hyper-locally between consumers, agents and their networks. An opportunity in IDX The startup was founded by Seattle-based tech entrepreneur...