The best tech tools for teams

Lisa Archer and Liming Zhao discuss the best tools they use
  • Build tech for the future, not for what you need today.
  • Involve your whole team when selecting new tech.
  • Tech solutions only work if your team uses them.

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Communication is everything when it comes to teams, and technology can help keep everyone in the loop. Many teams of agents around the country are still testing a variety of tech solutions to find what will work best for them. Live Love International Keller Williams' expansion team leader, Lisa Archer, who started her Live Love International expansion team with her father in Charlotte,  North Carolina, said dotloop, Curaytor and Brivity were her three top tech tools. Before deciding on  a new system, Archer said she asks two questions: "Does it save us time and does it make (or save) us money? "We have beta tested just about every product in the market," she added. Expansion teams lose time logging in and out of systems, and staff members get frustrated when tech doesn't work. "The products we have come to use and love have evolved. " Archer believes in involving the whole team in choosing what works for them. "It's really important that the transaction management and ad...