Podcast: How to keep momentum with daily minimum standards

Just keep moving
  • It's a lot easier to keep going than to play catch-up.

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Let’s talk about momentum. You want to build it, you want to keep it, and you create it by setting and adhering to daily minimum standards. Seems easy, right?

The question is whether you’ve internalized this view and are putting it into practice in your business.

We’re discussing momentum, setting goals and other key lessons for real estate agents that they can learn from veteran agents.

Momentum is a good example of this: losing it won’t kill you, but experienced agents know that it’s painful climbing back up the mountain all the time. Why not just stay at the top? Stopping and starting will ruin your business — so don’t do it!

Our goal as coaches is to help you take off in your career and guide you while you’re in the air. After working with thousands of agents over the years, we’re covering some key elements that we believe will help you to maximize that momentum in your own business.


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