Learn how to turn laughs into sales

You don't need a professional to use comedy to help make a lasting impression

NEW YORK — As questions open up for the session “One Entrepreneur’s Big Dreams to Disrupt the $60 Billion Real Estate Industry,” a woman walks up the mic with an unlit cigarette in hand and a furry hat. The woman, Svetty, has a Russian accent and asks why Lindsay McLean of Homelister is taking the jobs of all the brokers. 

The audience looks around, giggling a bit — people are whispering, “Is she serious?”

She walks up to the stage and the session begins. Cristina Cote and Victoria Terri-Cote of TOWN Residential in NYC say that using laughter and comedy can really help to sell a home.

Cracking jokes, playing funny cat videos or even hiring a comedian for an open house can not only help to break the ice, but it can make a memorable impression.

Jenna Bascom / Inman.com

Jenna Bascom / Inman.com

But, you don’t have to be a professional comedian to make people laugh, they say.

The mother-daughter duo suggests taking an improv or public speaking course to get out of your comfort zone and learn how to use laughter to close a deal.

“Humor creates joy, and a client who laughs with you and sticks with you,” Cristina says.

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